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Sorry ...

Amber Plans and Digital Care Planning have shut down

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. - Dr. Suess

visit https://helixcentre.com/project-advance-care-plans to learn more about this project or see below

Our first product was a web service that made it easy for people to make Advance Care Plans, helping to ensure care was aligned with patients' wishes.

A image showing the amber care plans website dashboard
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We also developed an AI-enabled chat bot that helped people think about and plan for end of life.

We launched a Voice bot for when voice is more accessible. It helped people consider different scenarios, and then they were offered a tailored template they could further personalise.

A image showing the amber care plans website dashboard


in potential NET savings to the NHS care bill.

Research suggests each advance care plan saves £2.1k in net NHS care costs. Our completed digital plans equated to £3m in savings, with paper plans and partially completed plans giving a total of £9m in potential savings.


users signed up to make care plans with us.

We were signing up 500 new users per month, with minimal marketing, when we had to close.

18 - 91

it's safe to say, our service appealed to a wide demographic.

Our youngest user was 18 and our oldest was 91. Most used mobile phones to complete their plans.


were living with an illness.

Most were were healthy, but just wanted to be well-prepared.

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